There have been studies that have suggested that prolonged stress could play a role in the establishment and progression of cancer, without fully explaining how it would happen. But there

The word “actinic” means that they are caused by exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, actinic keratosis can turn into squamous-cell carcinoma over time. For that reason, we will have to be

Keratinocytes are the cells that make up the most superficial layer of the skin. Once these cells begin to grow uncontrollably, they have the potential to become cancerous and produce

How do I differentiate a mole from a melanoma? A mole is a pigmented spot that appears on the dermis. Many people wonder how to get rid of moles, but

How was the eggplant extract (BEC) invented? For many years, farmers used the fruit of the devil’s apple plant (Solanum Linnaeanum) to cure eye cancer in cattle. Although they found

To make it clear from the beginning: Having darker skin will not be what will protect us against skin cancer.Still, according to a 2016 study, black people have lower rates

How serious is malignant melanoma? Malignant melanoma is the worst type of skin cancer because it is the one that can spread to other areas of the body more easily