This website uses cookies and/or similar technologies to store and recover information whenever you surf. In this Cookies Policy, we explain what are cookies, what’s their function, and how to configure or deactivate them if that’s what you wish for. We also explain what type of Cookies we use and the purpose when using them of, responsible of the site through which you have accessed the present Cookies Policy (“the website”), and which is duly identified in the Legal Note.

We invite you to read carefully our Cookies Policy:

What are cookies and what is their function?

Cookies are storage and data recovery toolsets that are used in your devise (i.e. your laptop, tablet or mobile), with the aim to store and recover such information. Cookies are used to guarantee quality, and maintain the correct functioning of websites, as well as to store and recover information about surfing habits, to personalize contents of the website, as well as to recognize the user of a web site.

Cookies are therefore essential to the functioning of internet, and they don’t represent a risk to your devise. In fact, cookies can sometimes help us recognize the need of improvements in parts of our website and to detect errors in its functioning.

What types of cookies are used in this website and what is their purpose?

In this website we use:

  • Technic Cookies: these are those that allow you to surf through our website and to use the website’s different functionalities and services, in example, identify yourself, remember the contents of a purchase, make a purchase order, make a payment, better control the possibility of fraud. These cookies are automatically installed in your devise.
  • Cookies of preferences or personalization: these are those that allow us to remember information of previous times you’ve entered the website, so that you can have a personalized experience when surfing through our website. An example may be the language in which you like to surf, or some aspect or content about the site that may vary according to the browser you use.
  • Cookies of analysis or measurement: these allow the analysis of your behavior through the website. This information allows us to measure the activity of the website, with the objective of making improvements in the website based on the analysis of the information that was gathered.
  • Cookies of behavioral publicity. Are those that store information about the behavior of the users obtained through continued observation of their surfing habits. This allows us to elaborate a specific profile to show publicity according to such information.

How can you configurate cookies in the web site?

You can accept or deny the use of cookies through the center of configuration of cookies that we make available to you, and you can access it through the basic message about cookies that appears once you visit our website for the first time, and also when it asks for your consent.

Be aware that if you accept cookies from third parties, you will have to eliminate them if you wish to do that, directly through the center of management of cookies in your devise.